Activate Change

What happens when radical change unfolds? On October 25, 2022, we activate a new phase for light.

We’re interested in what you feel when you sit around a bonfire. What light inspires a new idea in you? Do you remember the intimate impact of a small candle on the table?  Despite technological advances, we still don’t have the deep bond with digital light that we have with fire or the sun. We want to change that. We are convinced that the power of digital light is yet to be explored.

In our internal transformation process, we have taken risks and freed ourselves from conventions. We have grown from challenges and have thus been able to recognize our mission. Based on 30 years’ experience in luminaire design and our collective knowledge, we want to touch the human in you with light. We not only want to enhance your well-being, but also to empower you to be an inspiration. Let light stimulate you. To feel, to think, to imagine, to question and to change.

What do you expect from a company, that has always been sustainable and technically innovative as it evolves?

Activate what makes us human. On October 25, 2022.

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