Artists for Grau

Light determines how we see the world, illuminating fresh perspectives and sharpening our openness to the new. During the seismic changes and challenges of spring 2020, Tobias Grau launched the Artists for Grau initiative, sending our lamps to artists all over the world and giving them total freedom in their creative response.

Since the project launched, participating artists have shared photographs, videos, illustrations, installation shots, and CGI images – all exploring the possibilities of our lamps and the emotional experience of light. The collaborations have been shared on the Tobias Grau Instagram channel, with selected highlights now published in a bespoke catalogue.

We are delighted to be working with creatives from all over the world on our Artists for Grau series. We look forward to evolving the series in new dimensions over the coming months, exploring all the solace and the scope of light, while supporting artists through these challenging times. Their creativity brings us great inspiration and energy.

Find the rest of the ongoing series at @tobiasgrau_lighting and #artistsforgrau.

PARROT by Torso

PARROT by Johann Clausen

FALLING by Clara Rubin

Photography by Paul Hutchinson

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