"We are building a team of global talent. Together, we will take risks and have the courage to think big. Use our platform, inspire the team and develop your full potential." Timon Grau, Melchior Grau, Creative Directors/CEOs

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Our Mission

"Light connects us with life. We want to use light to activate people's emotions and imagination and to make a meaningful contribution to society. Our work is collaborative, digital and agile. We firmly believe that by working together with others, we can achieve greater things." - Timon Grau, Melchior Grau, Creative Directors/CEOs

Collaborative work

We’re proud to house our processes and teams under one roof and have tailored our architecture to support collaborative work. With plenty of open spaces, our communal canteen, and free-flowing movement between our office and manufacturing floors, we ensure that we're always learning and growing through each other’s experience and talents.

New Work culture

Our company culture is rooted in New Work philosophy. In our structures, processes and environment, we champion an organisation in which every individual is connected, flexible, and fulfilled. With adaptive working arrangements and in our multi-use headquarters, we value a dynamic workspace that supports collaboration, nurtures talent, and fits around individual needs. Our office features a large garden, bountiful natural light, an on-site vegan canteen, and a wealth of carefully considered spaces to suit different tasks and work styles.

Healthy Eating in the Forum

The Forum is our in-house restaurant and meeting place. Every day, our chef Felix prepares a free, plant-based lunch for the team, sourced from delicious, local and organic produce. At other times of the day, the Forum is a space to take a coffee or tea break, enjoy some fresh fruit and snacks, and catch up with colleagues.