MONEY is a completely new interpretation of a traditional light with a lampshade, but with LED lighting used. Initially it all looks familiar, but a second glace reveals there is virtually power consumption, no build-up of heat, no need to change the bulbs and that the light is superb.

MONEY is a blend of distinctive elements with an equally archetypal design that creates an innovative and aesthetically pleasing product. The range consists of table, floor- and suspension-lamps with PC-glass shades, as well as frames and fittings to hang them made of polished aluminium.

Design: Tobias Grau

Replacement parts

excl. VAT
LED Konverter Money Table/Floor Lightdim Switch-incompatible
149.00 €
Money Innenschirm/Inner-shade white
BR 07 960
35.00 €
Schirm/Shade Money crystal grey
BR 07 891
209.00 €
Schirm/Shade Money crystal white
BR 07 890
209.00 €