Immersive light sculptures at Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement (BIM) 2021

Fire is a series of light sculptures by artists Timon Grau and Melchior Grau, that perform strong irregular lightoutputs.

GRAU is a collaborative project between Timon Grau and Melchior Grau, Creative Directors at Tobias Grau, that creates lights that translate into art installations, experiences and products. As an interdisciplinary collaboration, GRAU blurs the borders between conceptual art, industrial design and anthropology. Through immersive light experiences GRAU aims to activate humans’ capacity to feel, remember and reconnect. Their practice is driven by a belief that light is a vessel for values that can challenge and enrich people’s openness for multiple and evolving perspectives.

The control of fire was one of the first and most impactful designs and dramatic changes in the habits of early humans. Making fire to generate heat and light enabled people to cook food, simultaneously increasing the variety and availability of nutrients and reducing disease by killing organisms in the food. The heat produced helped people survive in cold weather and live in cooler climates. By using fire to create production processes and weapons, humans became the dominant species on the planet. Fire is the power source of bending and destroying. Hardly any tool is such a good synonym for humans ambivalent talent to construct and destruct.


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