Flexible luminaires for the modern office

Workplace lighting just got smarter

Office environments are changing fast and with our new XT-A range, Tobias Grau is leading the way on smart, adaptive workplace lighting. This sleek new LED series combines our characteristically elegant design with patented OSA technology, creating even, glare-free lighting and optimal light comfort.

For enhanced flexibility, the XT-A SINGLE and XT-A ROUND table models are specially adapted to height-adjustable work stations, so you can enjoy a consistent level of quality light, whatever height you have chosen to work at.

With the integrated sensor, each XT-A luminaire automatically responds to ambient light and occupancy of a designated area, ensuring advanced workplace efficiency as well as lighting conditions. XT-A is also compatible with Tobias Grau CONNECT technology, enabling group programming of multiple lights. Both models can be adjoined to the desk surface and provide easy, accessible maintenance.

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