Light sculpture Bonfire

The high-tech version of an archetype of mankind, set in a staged cave.

GRAU presents Bonfire at Kunsthalle in Bergen. The digital version of an archetype of mankind, is part of Bergen Assembly-Triennale, curated by Saâdane Afif. GRAU invites you into an archaic room, where you experience the emotinal potential of light.

Taking control of fire is an origin of human culture. Fire allowed the early humans to shape their environment and lives. Heat was generated. Cooking was made possible, and communality centered around this source of light and warmth. Thus, fire is considered the very first form of architecture. People gathered around fire, told each other stories and practiced early forms of culture. 

We take up the expressive beauty, ambivalent power and social dynamics of fire in our sculpture. The installation creates a contemplative experience and an immersive social space. The strongly physical and visual light performance of the sculpture Bonfire transforms the space and collective mood. 

The work consists of twenty elongated, hand-blown glass bodies that gently glow, flicker and emit light in vivid movements and colors. Bonfire offers a way to immerse the whole body in an experience of light.

The Bergen Assembly Triennial will take place in 2022 from Sept. 8 — Nov. 6. The light sculpture Bonfire is installed in the Bergen Art Hall.

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