Inspire people to see the world in a new light

Our Mission

We want to improve people’s quality of life with light. Light determines our experience of the world – shaping our vision, our feelings and our biological rhythm. Our mission is to develop lamps that inspire, increase wellbeing and help people live out their potential.

Holistic design

Human-oriented innovation and artful simplicity are our lead criteria for outstanding product design. We are driven by the desire to make each lamp truly inspiring and to move with the times, is what drives our ambition.

Our Responsibility

Environmental responsibility has been at the heart of Tobias Grau ever since we launched our Hamburg Headquarter, a pioneering example of solar-powered architecture. We use recyclable and minimal packaging, assemble all parts in Germany, and design all our lamps to last a lifetime.


Nothing is more inspiring than experiencing another perspective. Light transforms our perspectives, but more than anything, people do. We pride ourselves on a diverse, inclusive, interdisciplinary team and practice empathy and honesty, to help each other develop and grow.


From the postmodern beginnings to today: the design history of Tobias Grau