Feel the world in a new light

Our Mission

We use light to improve people’s quality of life. Light connects us with the world by influencing our vision, our emotions, and our biological rhythm. We are driven to develop lights that inspire, empower, and enhance wellbeing for people and our planet.

Build the best product

We believe the best product brings human-oriented innovations into a simple, intuitive and artful form. We use design and technology to create the most pure and valuable experience.

Inspire change

To move forward, we take risks and are unbound by conventions. Our ambition is to grow with every challenge and to create something truly original, exciting, and meaningful.

Be open-minded

For us, being open-minded means actively expanding our own horizons, learning from other perspectives and including them in our work. Empathy helps us to think and create more holistically and is our basis for inspiring collaboration.

Cause no unnecessary harm

There is no room for inspiration and wellbeing on a dead planet. Sustainability has been integral to our brand from the beginning, but there is always more we have to do. Facing an environmental crisis, we are actively committed to reducing our ecological footprint throughout our working practice.


From the postmodern beginnings to today: the design history of Tobias Grau