Ambient luminaires, inspiring feelings within

Our Ambient luminaires are interactive and transform spaces. Their goal is your wellbeing and the inspiration of your thoughts and vision.

GRAU Ambient lamps are interactive and transform spaces. Their goal is your wellbeing and the inspiration of your thoughts and vision. They are human-centered and thus, in continuous evolution. At GRAU we use design and technology to fit our present and future. As part of this sustainable process, we pick up and update well-proven forms.

For our GRAU Brand launch, we symbolically present two ambient updates of icons from our collection. Falling (2. Generation) is the continued development of an LED icon that was created in 2007. Like no other luminaire, it embodies technical progress and sustainability. But what makes it an icon is its clear naturalness. It spreads a sense of well-being with lively light in a very familiar and natural way.

Falling (2. Generation) slowly and elegantly flows into the room like a drop from the sun. Warm comfort is diffusing and connects us to one another. Falling 2. Generation comes in two new colors: Sand White and Sun Orange. The tone Sand White takes the warm elegance of daylight and unfolds balancing Zen. Sun Orange, in its juicy fruity hue, refers less to its surroundings but to the luminaire as a light sculpture. The warm tone is taken from the light spectrum of the Ultra Warm Dim and makes the lamp as a whole, a drop of light.


Feature Ultra Warm Dim brings you the sunset home. In a wide spectrum from bright afternoon light to late evening sunset, it dims 850 Lumen from 2500 Kelvin to ultra-warm 1300 Kelvin. Lush reds allow you to relax and arrive, in the emotional center of a sun drop.

Another novelty is the update of the pendant lamp Falling Leaf. It launches in a matte Black and shows its expressive form. Without mirroring play, flatteringly reflecting what is happening around, Falling Leaf suspends in the room, with aplomb. In its hardly graspable form, it conveys something entirely new: On one hand, it embodies precious weight of a falling object. On the other hand, it floats majestically in space. It flows down in slow motion and pours into the room in its signature light. Warm and generous.

Falling Leaf is a form that centers the space like a magical object. Everything around it is charged by its aura. Its state-of-the-art lens sheds its beautiful glare-free light into the room in a generous cone of light, adapting to your desired atmosphere. Built-in Warm Dim technology adjusts the color temperature as you dim. Dim up for a clear, radiant light — dim down for a soft evening light that flows across your table.

These Ambient innovations symbolize our vision and approach. As a team, we want to evolve light through creative collaboration. We want to design light and luminaires that inspire thoughts and feelings in us humans. For this, we are willing and open to take risks and dare to try something new.

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