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Man for all seasons

Our classic wall or ceiling light with a rich red hue

Vintage in style, versatile in function, GEORGE is one of our most time-honoured wall or ceiling lamps. Its vivid textural design combines die-cast zinc fixtures with a high-gloss black lamp head in PC glass, rotatable by 350 ° for flexible lighting of any room or surface. Exuding gentle nostalgia, GEORGE’s lamp head emits a warm burgundy glow when illuminated. More GEORGE integrates the latest warmDIM technology so that colour temperature automatically adjusts according to brightness. The generous lens provides optimal light distribution with adjustable beam angle via the rear lever. GEORGE can be switched on / off by a side-mounted lever on the lamp head. Less

100 W Halogen Dimmable

Light Intensity:
1180 lm
Color Temperature:
2800 K

Adjustable Angle

Energy Efficiency