John 2

Clear Thinking

The ultimate minimalist and moveable table lamp

For a moveable surface, desk, or workstation lamp, it doesn’t get better than JOHN 2. This top performance table light combines minimal design with advanced engineering to offer the most fluid and responsive mobility as well as precise, powerful LED lighting. Dimmable and with top glare reduction through its optical lens, JOHN 2 ensures optimal reading and working light. More Minimal and restrained in style, JOHN 2 is a masterwork of Tobias Grau engineering. Our technicians spent more than a year optimizing its design to enable outstanding quality of motion as well as state-of-the-art LED lighting. Two super smooth spring joints and a rotatable lamp head allow adjustment to any desired position and powerful illumination of any work area. Opposing dimming switches at the lamp head offer easy left- and right-handed control. Less


3500 K | 1.150 lm
or 2700 K | 850 lm


Automatically adapts colour temperature while dimming

Anti Glare

Optimal deglaring through optical lens

Energy Efficiency

A – A++