Keep It Simple

Minimalist precision makes a pendant statement

On upscale simplicity, NICEONE gets it just right, refining the conical form with its subtle curvature towards the lamp head. Confident and contemporary, NICEONE impresses alone, in a row, or in a powerful constellation as NICEONE RAIN. More NICEONE is available in matte black, white, aluminium polish, copper polish, or unfinished aluminium for an extra pared-down aesthetic. Our state-of-the-art optical lens ensures smooth, glare-free LED lighting and top colour rendering. Integrated warmDIM technology automatically adjusts colour temperature according to brightness. Turn the dimmer up, and NICEONE provides a crisp, bright light. Dim down, and the light softens to a gentle amber glow. Create bespoke solutions with our CHOICE configurator. Less


620 lm, 11 W, CRI > 90


2700 – 2200 K



Anti Glare

Optical lens

Energy Efficiency

A – A++