Like a Good Friend

Freedom of lighting

PARROT is a fully portable tool for lighting, allowing you to create light situations in multiple contexts. With its powerful integrated battery and innovative charging stone, PARROT is never affixed and always free to move. More PARROT’s high efficiency LED-Display provides a beautiful, sun-like disc of light. Our integrated warmDIM technology automatically adjusts colour temperature according to brightness. Less

PARROT invites joyful use with its intuitive light control and lightweight, adaptable body. Use PARROT for reading, working, by your bed, desk, as an architectural light, or as a mobile sculptural object. More PARROT is dimmed via an intuitive touch-sensitive panel which also discretely displays the battery charge status. Swipe the dimmer up, and PARROT provides a crisper, brighter light. Swipe down, and the light softens to a gentle amber glow. PARROT is available in black, white, orange, or light blue. Less


800 lm | 10 W
CRI > 90


2700 K – 2200 K


8 – 100 h

Touch Dim

with Battery Status


98 – 140 cm

Smart Charge

120–240V (Charger incl.)


Turn & Tilt

310°, 30°