Professional light for individual workstations

Outstanding Light Quality

Illumination is everything

TEAM ONE transforms the productivity of single workstations with even, adaptive, and top efficiency illumination. Portable and height-adjustable, the lamp distributes precise, glare-free light across the entire work area, fully synchronised to ambient conditions and usage.

Outstanding Light Quality

Our pioneering Beam Lens technology, featuring hundreds of LEDs behind angled lenses, delivers outstanding light distribution across the entire work surface, as well as exceptional de-glaring for happy and healthy eyes.

Cutting-edge LED technology delivers outstanding illumination and efficiency within one minimal lamp form. Long-lasting, low-energy and low-maintenance, our 10000 Lumen LEDs define the sustainability of workplace lighting, while providing top precision and color rendering.

With its innovative Beam Lens technology, TEAM distributes smooth, consistent light across the entire workstation, as well as ambient light into the surrounding space. The lamp’s sculptural, integrated form ensures optimal illumination with minimal intrusion, keeping the work area de-cluttered, luminous and free-flowing.

Equipped with hundreds of cutting-edge LEDs, TEAM provides an exceptional color rendering of CRI > 90, setting a whole new standard for workplace illumination. This top color spectrum helps boost workplace wellbeing, focus, and productivity.

Our Smart touch Panel allows for effortless light activation and dimming, allowing users to manually adapt light brightness

Smart Sensor Control

Intelligent efficient lighting

TEAM revolutionizes the quality and aesthetics of sensor technology. Advanced motion and light sensors are seamlessly integrated into the lamp body, delivering outstanding consistency and efficiency of illumination while maintaining a smooth, streamlined aesthetic.

Smart Sensor Control

TEAM delivers light how and when it’s needed. With a superior field of recognition, our fine-tuned and energy-optimising motion sensors automatically switch the lamp on and off according to user presence.

With hyper-sensitive light sensors, TEAM constantly monitors and adapts to ambient illumination to ensure work light is consistent, comfortable, and efficient throughout the day. Users can also program personal light preferences to be maintained throughout the day.

TEAM features a revolutionary flat sensor design which maintains the series’ streamlined aesthetic.


Agile and ergonomic light

The work day is never static, and neither is TEAM ONE. With a lightweight body and integrated clamp, this ergonomic lamp moves with your multi-tasking, effortlessly affixed and relocated to any desired work surface, and fully compatible with height-adjustable desks.


With an intuitive clamp and portable, lightweight body, TEAM ONE offers maximum versatility, readily affixed, moved, or removed on any chosen surface – and neatly stored away for after-work situations.

For maximum ergonomic productivity, TEAM ONE is fully compatible with height-adjustable and flexible desks. Thanks to its streamlined, integrated position at the desk side, the lamp delivers the same optimal light distribution at any desk height..

Swarm Connectivity

Optimal efficiency and integration

TEAM is designed for teams and as a team, with one uniform aesthetic and one integrated swarm function to optimise workplace efficiency, management and planning.

Swarm Connectivity

True to its name, TEAM is designed as a holistic network. To enable smart light management and grouping, pioneering sensor technology pairs with full Swarm-function. As a synchronised cloud-network, TEAM lamps actually work together. All lamps react dynamically to each other, delivering perfect light not only in their specific location – but across the entire workplace.

A Holistic Series

Seamless, scaleable lighting systems

The TEAM series features five different lamp typologies in one consistent design language and one integrated system, empowering workplace planners to create and scale up cohesive, multi-part lighting systems for all working styles, areas, and situations.

A Holistic Series

With its sleek, linear, minimal design language, all TEAM lamps are readily and elegantly integrated both with one another and into different workplace situations and settings. The consistent, minimalist aesthetic empowers planners to create and scale up lighting systems. From individual hot-desking schemes to large coworking stations, you can now illuminate every office set-up with the same formal elegance.

Sustainable Design

For a light footprint

As a forefront pioneer of LED lighting, we have always held energy efficiency and sustainability at the heart of our practice. From our solar-powered headquarters, we commit to durability, re-use, and responsibility at every stage of our production chain.

Sustainable Design

All Tobias Grau lamps are designed and produced at our headquarters near Hamburg, a pioneering example of sustainable architecture. We maximise the use of all production materials and prioritise local suppliers, with the majority of all components, including batteries, sourced in Germany.

We work with nothing but the highest quality materials and pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers. All our partners are obliged to sign and adhere to our Code of Conduct, comprising both social and environmental standards.

Our award-winning lamps combine minimalist elegance with maximum energy efficiency. We champion quality rather than quantity, resisting passing trends and embracing real innovations that improve both user experience and ecological impact. Every single one of our lamps is designed and made to last a lifetime.