The height of brilliance

Outstanding Light Quality

Holistic illumination

Suspension model XT-A CEILING offers outstanding direct and indirect illumination for open-plan offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms and reception areas. With our integrated OSA technology, light is smooth and de-glared with top energy efficiency.

Outstanding Light Quality

Cutting-edge LEDs provide powerful illumination of 6300 / 11362 Lumen at AA+ energy efficiency.

XT-A CEILING delivers holistic and balanced brightness throughout the workspace. Choose between XT-A CEILING IL with a 23/77 direct/indirect light distribution, or XT-A CEILING DL at 62/38 direct/indirect light distribution.

Our OSA (Open Structure Antiglare) technology features gridded LEDs in an open system, providing advanced efficiency and superior glare-free lighting. This ergonomic innovation improves workplace wellbeing, performance, and visual comfort, especially for screen-based tasks.

A Color Rendering Index of > 80 delivers a top color spectrum, ensuring workspace lighting is vibrant, focused, and precise.

Sustainable Design

For a light footprint

As a forefront pioneer of LED lighting, we have always held energy efficiency and sustainability at the heart of our practice. From our solar-powered headquarters, we commit to durability, re-use, and responsibility at every stage of our production chain.

Sustainable Design

All Tobias Grau lamps are designed and produced at our headquarters near Hamburg, a pioneering example of sustainable architecture. We maximise the use of all production materials and prioritise local suppliers, with the majority of all components, including batteries, sourced in Germany.

We work with nothing but the highest quality materials and pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with trusted suppliers. All our partners are obliged to sign and adhere to our Code of Conduct, comprising both social and environmental standards.

Our award-winning lamps combine minimalist elegance with maximum energy efficiency. We champion quality rather than quantity, resisting passing trends and embracing real innovations that improve both user experience and ecological impact. Every single one of our lamps is designed and made to last a lifetime.