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A Holistic Series

Design and scale workplace lighting with a whole new flexibility. TEAM features five lamp typologies in one unified design language and one interconnected system.

Outstanding Light Quality

Take illumination to the next level. Our innovative BEAM LENS technology delivers top de-glaring and smooth, harmonious illumination with CRI of 90.

Sustainable Performance

TEAM's sleek aluminium body functions as an airflow cooling system, delivering exceptional light output while being 2/3 slimmer than any high-performance lamp we've designed before.

Smart Sensor System

Optimise workplace performance and energy savings. TEAM's revolutionary sensor system integrates automatic lighting, brightness, and motion sensors within the lamp body.

A Synchronised Network

Connect your lights. TEAM lamps work as a synchronized cloud network, reacting dynamically to each other to deliver perfect light throughout the workspace.


TEAM HOME is the first professional-caliber lamp for home office. Flexible and portable design, attached to any surface in seconds via bespoke clamp. Adaptable light colour and brightness via Tunable White Technology.

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TEAM ONE desk lamp is designed for individual and flexible workstations. Readily adaptable to height-adjustable desks, hot desking schemes, and partition walls.

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TEAM TWO transforms the illumination of double workstations with adaptive, glare-free light across the entire work surface. Advanced sensors synchronize light to ambient brightness.

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TEAM FOUR provides luminous light for four-persons workstations, ideal for co-working and open spaces. Advanced motion and light sensors deliver consistent and efficient illumination.

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TEAM SUSPENSION illuminates two and four-persons workstations, co-working areas, studios and setting rooms with direct and indirect lighting.

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