Form loves Function

Introducing a new level of technology for home and office light.

Light Quality Energy Efficiency Glare Reduction warmDIM Portable Light Dimming Sensor Control

Light Quality

Beautiful form and outstanding light quality are the hallmarks of a Tobias Grau luminaire. We pride ourselves on top colour rendering, advanced glare reduction, and intuitive light control, including a range of dimming options.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has been at the core of our philosophy ever since we first established in our solar-powered Hamburg headquarters. Our efficiency innovations include light and motion sensors, smart CONNECT technology, and our patented OSA technology.


Glare Reduction

Glare reduction is integral to the clarity, beauty, and enjoyment of Tobias Grau lighting. Special lenses, reflectors, panelling, and our patented OSA (open structure anti-glare) technology ensure that all our lamps and luminaires provide bright, powerful illumination while protecting the eyes from direct glare.



warmDIM is the latest LED technology that revolutionizes light quality and enjoyment. Just as sunlight warms in color in the evening, warmDIM automatically adapts color temperature according to brightness. Turn the dimmer up, and you’ll have crisp, bright light. Dim down, and the light softens to a gentle amber glow.


Portable Light

Our new generation of cable-free luminaires transform lighting from fixed source to a fluid and portable entity. These lamps integrate top quality longlife batteries, providing more than 100 hours of power, recharged via USB or by our innovative charging stone.



All Tobias Grau luminaires are designed for standard dimming with a phase dimmer. In addition, a number of our models are compatible with Bluetooth dimming via CASAMBI, allowing for 100% to 5% dimming and individual programming of light scenes and groupings. Our most recent models integrate warmDIM technology, in which the color temperature warms with dimming, replicating the effect of a halogen or incandescent lamp.


Sensor Control

For optimal lighting efficiency and quality, our integrated light and motion sensor automatically adjusts brightness to ambient lighting and area occupancy. Settings can also be individually adjusted by the user via remote control.