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All Tobias Grau luminaires are designed for standard dimming 100-30% with a phase dimmer for electronic ballasts in any form of home wiring. The usual 230V switch ranges (flush-mounted box 68mm / depth 50mm) as well as our switch program PLUG & DIM can be used. A minimum power range ≤ 20 W is required.

A 2 phase dimming, i.e. a dimming of two independent groups, for example of spotlights and suspended luminaires, requires a 5-wire cabling and an additional phase dimmer for electronic ballasts.

A number of Tobias Grau luminaires are also compatible with Bluetooth dimming via CASAMBI, allowing for 100% to 5% dimming and individual programming of light scenes and groupings.

Many Tobias Grau models also integrate the latest warmDIM technology, automatically adjusting color temperature to brightness and replicating the effect of a halogen or incandescent lamp. This smart color spectrum enhances lighting for different moods and hours of the day and improves light for the body’s natural wake/sleep cycle.