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Glare Reduction

Glare reduction is integral to the clarity, beauty, and enjoyment of Tobias Grau lighting. Special lenses, reflectors, panelling, and our patented OSA (open structure anti-glare) technology ensure that all our lamps and luminaires provide bright, powerful illumination while protecting the eyes from direct glare.

Tobias Grau’s patented OSA (open structure anti-glare) technology is integrated across our Office XTA series. This pioneering system features hundreds of LEDs in a parabolic honeycomb grid to provide highly efficient, glare-free lighting. Our XTS Office series features an innovative light-guiding panel within its slim form, directing the light through eight different layers to create completely homogeneous, soft, and glare-free illumination. Lights in the Tobias Grau Home Collection feature special lenses, reflectors, and light-directing panels to reduce glare at home. Lenses fragment the light and direct it precisely, so that it lands glare-free on the desired surface.