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Discover warmDIM

warmDIM is the latest LED technology that revolutionizes light quality and enjoyment. Just as sunlight warms in color in the evening, warmDIM automatically adapts color temperature according to brightness. Turn the dimmer up, and you’ll have crisp, bright light. Dim down, and the light softens to a gentle amber glow.

This smart color spectrum not only enhances lighting for different moods and hours of the day; it also improves light for thebody’s natural wake/sleep cycle, so you can work with fresh, bright light during the day and wind down in the evening with the warm glow of sundown.

warmDIM is now integrated into a number of our classic and new models, including FALLING, FALLING LEAF, NICEONE, PALLA 16 + 21, GEORGE LED, GLOBE 12 + 16, JOHN and JOHN 2, SALT & PEPPER, PARROT and SIXTEEN.

We are proud to lead the way with this cutting-edge LED technology, providing elegant, energy-efficient, and versatile lighting throughout the day and night.