The Future of Light

TEAM transforms workplace lighting. Streamlined in technology, aesthetics, and efficiency, this pioneering new series draws on our decades of experience to provide a truly comprehensive solution for every kind of office.

A Holistic Series

True to its name, TEAM is designed as an integrated network, with five lamp typologies in one coherent aesthetic and one unified system.

Outstanding Light Quality

Our pioneering Beam Lens technology delivers outstanding de-glaring and a color accuracy of CRI > 90, setting a whole new standard for workplace illumination.

Smart Sensor Control

TEAM revolutionizes the quality and aesthetics of sensor technology. Advanced light and motion sensors are seamlessly integrated into the lamp body, optimizing energy usage while maintaining a smooth, streamlined aesthetic.

An Interconnected Network

As a synchronized cloud network, TEAM lamps react dynamically to each other, delivering perfect light across the entire workplace.

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