Two decades of Tobias Grau

Celebrating 20 years in our HQ

This June marks 20 years since Tobias Grau moved into its company HQ in Rellingen, Hamburg. Then, as now, we were passionate about setting new standards of elegance, innovation, and environmental awareness. The building, opened in 1998 and designed by BRT architects, was revolutionary for its time, based on cylindrical-shaped structures with curved beaming, aluminum skin, and over 200 m² of integrated solar panels.

With interior design by Tobias Grau himself, the HQ also reflects the comprehensive design philosophy we bring to each of our products — considering the detail in relation to the whole, ensuring that each luminaire delights not only as a stand-alone piece but also as part of a room, a building, a wider sense of space.

Two decades on from the building’s inauguration, our HQ continues to house Tobias Grau’s complete design, production, customer care, and administration under one roof, allowing for close communication throughout our process, from a very first design sketch to international shipping.

It is here that we experiment, create, and collaborate with our colleagues and clients. And it is here that we remain as agile and curious as we were 20 years ago, constantly exploring and pioneering new technology, materials, colors, and forms to create the lights of tomorrow.


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