The lamp for height-adjustable desks

XT-A SINGLE is designed for individual workstations, in particular height-adjustable desks. The lamp defines a new genre of workplace lighting, combining all the lighting advantages of a floor light with the individual adjustment options of a desk lamp.

Desk and lamp as a single unit

Affixed to the desk surface, XT-A SINGLE moves up and down with the table and delivers uniform illumination, whether the user is seated or standing. Two rotation axes allow for fluid mobility and adjustment.

XT-A SINGLE can be securely integrated into the desk or flexibly attached via a clamp. This streamlined approach simplifies spatial planning, allowing for unrivaled ease and flexibility in workplace design. Our patented OSA anti-glare technology provides optimal reading and working illumination, with an especially positive effect on user satisfaction, well-being, and performance.

Advanced indirect light for ambient illumination

Thanks to its high indirect light component, XT-A SINGLE combines the photometric advantages of a workstation floor lamp with the individual adjustment options of a desk light. As with workstation lamps, the surrounding area is illuminated as well as the desk surface, ensuring balanced ambient light.

Our optional swarm function CONNECT allows users to program advanced, coordinate-based controls and communication between different luminaires. CONNECT can provide an alternative to additional general lighting, e.g. in group offices. Following a determined period of detected non-movement, programmed luminaires dim down to a lower light level, ensuring the requisite ambient light. Only when multiple, inter-communicating luminaires detect no movement for a designated period do the luminaires switch off completely.

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